If you have a website- for business- and you've ever wanted to be on page one this news

IS going to matter to you ( or your SEO people)


So assuming you are all here because you are in business, and have heard about Googles' previous updates : Penguin and Panda, that caused many sites ranking to drop, the news that a new update called Hummingbird has just been released is bound to cause concern amongst website owners and SEO people.


How this is different is because this isnt an update but is a replacement of the old algorithm and is the biggest change they’ve done in 3 years. 


Here are some helpful pointers for you.


    •  Expect most of the old rules to still apply. Keep updating your website with new high quality content as frequently as possible.


    •  Google still aims to bring you the most relevant and useful search results. Hummingbird just helps Google deliver more intelligent results. Longtail keywords (meaning phrases with more words in) will be more important as Hummingbird is focusing on  naturalistic search terms which tend to be more longtail.


Supposedly up to 90% of searches are going to be affected by Hummingbird. 

So best to keep your content update via a CMS site (talk to us - we are friendly and most definitely non salesey people) who keep their fingers (all of them) on the web and SEO pulse.