Not upgrading your websites software sush as the engine used for the CMS ie wordpress, joomla, or ecommerce engine such as Magento or Opencart, can cause your business serious issues.
Its on the news everyday. Huge firms are being hacked, data is compromised. Sites go offline and revenue is lost.
What can you do about it?

At Fox Creative we take this very seriously and advise our clients to update and upgrade to the latest software.
This will help to protect your website content, and any databases from hacks and security breaches, which are sadly an occurrance of our modern life on the internet.
Not only that but with new legislation coming in April 2018, you must comply by law or risk heavy fines should your clients data be compromised.

We also offer ssl security certificates, anti hacking software to warn against any braeches and automated offsite backups should the worse happen so your site can be restored asap.

For peace of mind lets us look after your website upgrades and backups with a monthly or annual subscription. Call now for more details 01484 885606. or email

Automated upgrades and website security - its your business so look after it.